Larger than life art spaces

Australian Wildlife Artist Owen Pointon’s work is made for large spaces. An admirer in the USA has this piece in her shower. Adding wildlife art to your living spaces can be fun, easy and rewarding.


Work by Owen Pointon now at Memories n More

For all my Mates local & visitors to the Atherton Tablelands. Please drop in to ( Memories n More ) @ 72 Main St .Atherton across the road from the Court House, a free tote bag featuring My Art Work, with every purchase while stocks last . I am very pleased to have my Art Reproductions for sale in this great shop, you will be surprised what treasures you will find. The Strange old artist will be lurking there from time to time .

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Horus: Owen Pointon, Austrialian Wildlife Artist

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The following is a new article on Owen Pointon that appeared at Birb Observer on 17 November 2018

Owen Pointon’s art (FB) (IG) showcases Australia’s amazing Atherton Tableland, a fertile plateau in Queensland’s Great Dividing Range. The Tableland includes rain forest, savannah, and wetlands and so furnishes welcoming habitats to a huge array of species. While this article primarily features his avian pieces, Owen produces an abundance of other wildlife pieces.

Self-taught, this painter in acrylic exemplifies traditional Australian style accented by a unique fullness and vitality centered in the careful crafting of colour and form. Having now produced a certain corpus of work, Owen finds his work gains increasing recognition. In August 2017, his work became available internationally through Fortunately, Owen makes reproductions available in a variety of tasteful forms that allows art aficionados to integrate the beauty of nature into their daily lives. Sales of Mr. Pointon’s work benefit Queensland’s Durong Dingo Sanctuary.

Raised in farming country, Owen remembers “playing in the bush, catching yabbies in the creek that ran through our patch of bush,” and particularly the “smell of gum trees, the leaves that are twisted, the bark and twisted branches.” The Australian bush filled Owen’s soul with the redolence of life, from the magnificence of the landscape to the entrancing character of its wildlife. By the age of ten, Owen was memorializing nature scenes in drawings.

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Owen’s family contributed genes unique to artistic talent, and the surrounding culture well-cultivated that aspect of character. Owen understands his own artistic development as the combined influences of culture and genes: while anyone can learn to draw, the ability to match and manipulate colors to previously unseen objects — the stuff of commissions — comes as a hereditary gift, he believes.

Autumn In A Country Town

“Autumn In A Country Town” is my latest painting commissioned by a client who wants to reflect on her child hood, growing up in a Southern Queensland Town .


Local Artist launches on international Market

Well known local artist Owen Pointon recently joined the premier online Art resource website
meaning that Owen’s artwork will now be available to buyers from all over the world. For the
past twenty years I have painted pictures of wildlife and country scenes in my local area. I am incredibly excited to
think that people all over the world will now be able to find and purchase their favourite ones, Owen said. I work
mostly in acrylics and my works have sold through galleries, exhibitions and displays, but having my aartwork on is an opportunity to reach a much larger audience and share my vision with them. Owen’s link to
the new Web Page is as follows .

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Birds of Paradise

Here is the latest painting by Owen Pointon titled “Birds of Paradise”. Watch for the online store coming soon!

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise


Owen Pointon Supports the Durong Dingo Sanctuary

Owen Pointon now supports the Durong Dingo Sanctuary (where pure dingoes are kept safe) through sales of his artwork that he has recently donated.

From Durong Dingo Sanctuary:

“The Durong Dingo Sanctuary, owned and run by Simon Stretton since 2008, seeks to provide a small area of peace where pure dingoes are kept safe from the perils of 1080 baiting, trapping, and shooting.”

“Simon aims to establish future breeding programmes to ensure pure genetics live on, in addition to education, awareness, and experience for the local and wider community.”

“The Durong Dingo Sanctuary is the only dingo sanctuary of its type in Australia and is situated in the South Burnett Region of Queensland in natural bush settings. Being only 75 kilometres from Kingaroy and close to the road that leads out west, it is a suitable drop in point for tourists and grey nomad adventurers.”

“The sanctuary is open all days 9am to 5pm, except Friday, which is by appointment only. Admission is by generous donation. For more information, contact Simon.”

To find out more information about the Durong Dingo Sanctuary and to make a donation, please visit:

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