3 New Paintings by Owen Pointon

Please enjoy these 3 new paintings y Australian Wildlife Artist Owen Pointon.

Paintings and Prints are available for sale. To see more paintings by Owen please visit the galleries on his “Representation” page and right here on this website on the “Paintings” and “Prints” gallery pages.

Latest Commission

Here is the latest commission work by Owen Pointon. “Taylor’s Mother’s Dogs”.

Taylor's Mother's Dogs

An Autumn Day

New work by Owen Pointon. “An Autumn Day”.

An Autumn Day

Art House Reproductions is now printing and selling Owen Pointon’s work art work in South East Queensland.

Maheno painting created especially for Anzac Day

Owen Pointon’s “Dingoes Guard the wreck has been featured in the Fraser Coast Chronicle:

Dingoes Guard the Wreck

A PAINTING by a renowned artist, titled Dingoes Guard the Wreck, is featured in a special Anzac Day display at Happy Valley Resort on Fraser Island.

Wildlife artist Owen Pointon said the painting was created especially for Anzac Day.

“The ship featured is the S.S. Maheno, which was actually a hospital ship for the New Zealand Armed Forces at Gallipoli,” Mr Pointon said.

“Plus, of course, the Fraser Island dingoes are symbolic of the island.

“They’re magnificent creatures.”

Owen Pointon’s work will be on regular display at the Visitors Centre from now on.

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Maheno painting created especially for Anzac Day _ Fraser Coast Chronicle

Dingoes Guard the Wreck

Dingoes Guard the Wreck

“Dingoes Guard the Wreck” by Owen Pointon. SS Maheno Hospital Ship WW1 N.Z. Armed Forces. This painting and limited edition prints will be on display in venues on the Fraser Coast QLD. for ANZAC Day celebrations.


Owen Pointon at the Terra Nova Gallery in Kuranda

Meet the Artist Owen ointon at the Terra Nova Gallery in Kuranda on the 5th of December from 10am to 2pm. Owen will have you in stitches!

Owen Pointon at the Terra Nova Gallery
5th December, 2014.
10:00am to 2:00pm.
15 Therwine Street, Kuranda QLD 4872
(07) 4093 8814

Meet Owen Pointon Wildlife Artist

Here is a short film by Jennifer Frei of Frei Films about Far North Queensland Wildlife Artist Owen Pointon.

About the Film Maker, Jennifer Frei

“James Cook University’s art degree has assisted me with intercepting the filming industry where I have discovered an immense passion to create short films while enjoying Cairns’ glorious tropical environment. I also love being around people and interacting with my film subjects as I created their promotional films. While my passion in art lies in photography and film, I have been known to work in many different mediums.”

“My intentions in the near future are to further develop my skills in special effects and 3D animation and integrate this into my career in film making. I have started a Vimeo channel where some of the films I’ve already produced can be seen at my Vimeo Page”

New Paintings added to Galleries

Owen has just added two new painting to his gallerie. “Egret in the Blue” and “Lone Kookaburra“. You’ll find these paintings and many more features the beautiful wildlife of Australia in his Paintings and Prints galleries as well as other local galleries that represent him.